Walnut Inshell

JEM In-shell walnut lines are designed to get your jumbo and jumbo large product packed with as little handling as possible. The streamline design comes from observing and running in-shell walnut lines and seeing what works best! With a single sizer we can run up to 30,000 pounds per hour of infeed product and achieve as little as 3-4% undersize in the packed Jumbo product. Our aspiration at 2 points allows you to separate light debris and blows giving you a premium inshell product. We can also integrate electronic sorting to eliminate labor cost. The lines are a small footprint to save you warehouse space for all the extra loads you will be packing.

  • In-shell sizing lines ranging from 10,000 pounds per hour to 30,000 pounds per hour with a single sizer deck. Ideal for jumbo and jumbo large loads. 60,000 pounds an hour can be achieved with a 2-deck system.
  • Custom lines with multiple sizing options up to 6 sizes with 2 decks and 20,000 pounds per hour

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