Nut Processing


Walnut Shelling

JEM shelling lines are state of the art, consisting of most modern Cracker on the market, stainless steel contact surfaces and powder coated mild steel.


Walnut Inshell

JEM Inshell walnut lines are designed to get your jumbo and jumbo large product packed with as little handling as possible.


Walnut Hulling and Drying

JEM Walnut hulling and drying lines incorporate the newest hulling design on the market, including a standard stainless steel float tank, electronic sorting, and rotary huller with easy adjustment and replacement of worn-out brushes.

Kernel Packing Automation

Our Kernel packing lines are designed around food safety from the conveyors to the infeed system.


Electric Kernel Cleaning

Our processing experience can help you get the most out of your electronic sorting line!


Cracker Liners

JEM can provide both new and recoated liners for most crackers in the industry.

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