Hulling and Drying

Walnut Hulling and Drying

JEM Walnut hulling and drying lines incorporate the newest hulling design on the market, including a standard stainless steel float tank, electronic sorting, and rotary huller with easy adjustment and replacement of worn-out brushes. A newly redesigned de-sticker chain that all but eliminates nut carry over. Brush scrubber with top and bottom brushes to clean the mud and other debris that are stuck to the shell. Full access catwalk to each piece of equipment for easy adjustment and maintenance to the line. The dryer is designed to be the most efficient and consistent stadium dryer available, with a sloped floor and easy access tunnel cleanouts. The entire dryer system bolts together so you and your crew can do the installation. Cat walk access around the bins and easy to open dryer doors, that can be integrated with automated systems as well to easy operations.

  • Hulling lines from 10 ton an hour and up

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